Rowing is HARD - Looking good is EASY with SQUARED & BURIED

Welcome to Squared & Buried and thank you for visiting our new website. We rather like it but we are biased!

SQUARED & BURIED... Founded by husband and wife team by the historic banks of the River Avon in the shadow of Warwick castle. Inspired by the heritage, tradition and power of British rowing. Squared & Buried will be with you through the endurance and hard slog to the moments of glory. Whether on the water or visiting your local watering hole, we have the apparel for you. 

Off the water - We provide custom leisurewear & rowing apparel for gentlemen, ladies and children which ensures you look stylish after an outing. Not only will Squared & Buried ensure you are looking fabulous in the boat club, we will take you to the town. Our range includes hoodies, jogging bottoms, sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, vests, caps and more...

On the water - We provide custom rowing kit. Including unisuits/AIOs, base layers, shorts, leggings, gilets, jackets & more...

We also partner with rowing clubs to provide both on the water and off the water kit.


Rowing is hard - Looking good is easy with Squared & Buried

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