Founded by husband and wife team by the historic banks of the River Avon in the shadow of Warwick castle. With a vision to develop a rowing inspired brand known for quality & stylish apparel both on and off the water. S&B are outfitters inspired by the heritage, tradition and power of British rowing, known for quality & stylish apparel, leisurewear & custom kit for clubs, crews & discerning individuals. Sharing your love for rowing we create rowing and fashion apparel for gentlemen, ladies and children.


Rowing is steeped in history and tradition, as is our apparel... 

We wanted a brand name that is catchy, easy to remember and relevant to rowing with a superb logo to match... After lots of thought and many variations SQUARED & BURIED, often shortened to S&B was born! For those of you who aren't aware, 'Squared & Buried' is a rowing term... In short this is when all blades/oars are squared (perpendicular to the water) and buried in the water (so just the top edge is showing) Our logo interprets our 'S&B' but also if you look closely it represents a person rowing with their blades squared & buried ...

 our logo inspiration - squared and buried rowing brand

We have taken inspiration for the majority of our designs from our locality, using Warwick and its own history combining them with the heritage of rowing. Squared & Buried will be with you through the endurance and hard slog to the moments of glory. As a brand we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible and therefore as part of our ethical brand awareness when possible we manufacturer environmentally sustainable apparel and products for ethically conscious consumers.



We have an ever growing range of apparel, leisurewear & kit as well as providing custom wear for clubs, crews & individuals. Not only will Squared & Buried ensure you are looking fabulous in the boat club, we will take you from the water to your watering hole.

On the water - We provide a range of rowing kit. Including AIOs, base layers, shorts, leggings, gilets, jackets & more...

Off the water - We provide leisurewear & rowing apparel which ensures you look stylish after an outing. Our range includes hoodies, jogging bottoms, sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, vests, caps and more...  

 Rowing is hard - Looking good is easy with Squared & Buried.