ROWING/NOT LISTENING ORGANIC LONG SLEEVE - British Rowing Apparel - Squared & Buried


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One of our best selling designs... 'I might look like I'm listening to you... But in my head I'm rowing.' Can you relate to this? We certainly can and have created this S&B design with you in mind! 

This long sleeve gentlemens t-shirt is cut in a classic standard mens cut and is soft and comfortable as it is made from 100% combed organic cotton.

Looks great paired with jeans, chinos or joggers or even over training kit!

A timeless black long sleeve tee as pictured with our design printed in a crisp white. Should you love this design so much, it is also available on a wide range of other clothing items you may also like and have you seen we also do it on our best selling phone cover!? LOVE IT!

Sizes S-2XL

Weight: 155g